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Having a pet can be bothering at times due to the aspects regarding taking care. But if the pet is one like a Pomeranian, the cuteness and the lovable nature of the pet makes you interested to take care of your pet. In fact, the popularity of this breed of dog has become widespread among many countries in the world. Especially in the UK and the top American cities, the Pomeranians often top the list of popularity when it comes to the pets. How about having a Pomeranian at your place? Having adequate knowledge regarding the breed race can be helpful before having one.

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One of the difficulties that you are to face is to understand whether it is a Pomeranian or not. Contacting the Pomsky breeders in this case can be quite useful. The breeders can also provide you with further information regarding the characteristics, fondness, habits, and how you can take care of your lovable Pomeranian. These are the professionals or the researchers, who are into successful breeding of the Pomeranian, which is of the dog race called Spitz. The breed name has come from its place of origin, which is named as Pomerania of Central Europe, a part of eastern Germany and northern Poland. The country of origin of this breed is said to be Germany.

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A Pomeranian, categorized under toy dog breed due to its small size, weighs between 1.9 to 3.5 kg. It has sturdy and compact body, which is covered with a textured coat that is abundant. The tail is highly plumed, and set flat and high. The breed comes in various colors, with cream, white, black and orange being the most favorites among the Pomsky breeders. Matching with its look, a Pomeranian is friendly, lively and playful.

The Pomeranians are well known for the ability to create quick bonding with the owner, and are highly protective regarding them. Also, they have the tendency to suffer from grief if separated from their respective owners, and love being around them. The breed is known to be highly aware and nervous regarding the environment and tend to bark continuously at any new stimuli. A Pomeranian can easily be trained, and are praised for their intelligent. In case not trained, it can turn out to be dominant and aggressive. Its extrovert nature is well noticeable, as it loves being at the center stage of attraction.

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You can expect a Pomeranian to live for 12 to 16 years. Given that you’re contacted Pomsky breeder is well experienced and trained in the job, your Pomeranian can be a stubborn dog with good diet. At the same time, training the dog is a basic requirement to keep good natured and loyal to you. To be more specific, routine care of your Pomeranian can avoid all the problems regarding its nature issues. Being attentive to its grooming, and cleaning of teeth, eyes and ear can be quite useful. The dog feeds mainly on the dry food types. The dog is quite motivational to take regular care, and can bring a lot of joy to your household environment.


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  1. Bob Yayes

    I’d like information on a Pomsky puppy. I never even heard of them till today and think they are adorable. What is the price range?

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