A Short History of Pomsky


The history of pomsky dogs dates back to as far as Pomeranians and husky dogs go. The idea of creating a breed that is in between these two has been an original one considering the fact that, more often than not, such crossbreed tend to lose the features of one breed after just a few generations. This means that if you take two breeds and cross them, you’ll get something original in the first generation, but it is likely that each new generation will be closer and closer to one of the original breeds you used in the first place.

There are few breeds that are equally strong, as to be able to preserve partially both genes in the new crossbreed. This is the case of Pomeranians and husky, which make quite a suitable marriage to anyone interested to have a dog that is equally elegant as the former and equally agile as the latter. To keep it simple, during the years, pomsky owners have observed that their dogs do share the aspects of both species, without giving priority to one of them. Except for the eyes, which are the effect of the husky gene, most of the other features are the result of this combination. It is thus partially irrelevant whether the father is husky or Pomeranian; in either of the two possible scenarios, the pomsky that result from the combination share the traits of their parents in an approximately equal share.


Pomsky Dogs: Beautiful and Playful


Image Source : Pomsky

The most important thing you’ll notice after you buy one of these is that they are extremely playful and dedicated to their owner. This detail is particularly important (and few cases have been stated to prove otherwise) if you have kids and want an animal to protect them and play with them on a daily basis. The more they play together, the more dedicated the puppies become, making a strong connection with your kids. In addition, they prove to be handsome and elegant at the same time: their fur and their eyes are so special that your kids will soon fall in love with them. And this relationship will get stronger and stronger by years passing.


Where to Buy Pomsky?

This breed may be considered rather recent in the history of dog breeds and this is the main reason why you will be able to find pomsky puppies for sale online at exceptional prices. There are many dog breeders who do their best to make their puppies known to the world, so that they can sell them at a fair price. The best way to do it right is to go online and try to find precisely the puppy you thing you’re going to like. Take into account that, if you have kids, their opinion is important: ask them and decide together which the puppy they love most is. This will grow on them, giving them the feeling of responsibility for the dog, which is a nice way to start a kid-dog relationship.



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