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A unique hybrid dog

Dogs are probably the most popular pets in all over the world. They are extremely faithful towards their master. Once a dog is bonded with someone then that bond stays forever. That is why many people love to keep a dog as a pet inside their house. Sometimes a dog can be as good as a friend or a companion to lonely people. There are various kinds of dog breeds can be found around the world. Some of the popular breeds are Shepherd dog, guardian dog, hunting dog, working dog and companion dog. Needless to say, the pet dogs are mostly belonged to the companion category. Now talking about pet dogs many people has a fascination with the style and type of their dogs. With everyone having their own favorites, some breeds are pretty popular. But one unconventional thing which is pretty popular among many people is the hybrid dogs. A hybrid is a combination of two different dog breeds merge into one. Naturally a hybrid looks pretty different than a usual dog breed and has characteristics of both of its original breeds. Among all the hybrid dogs Pomeranian husky mix is one of the most popular one.

Siberian husky full grown

Siberian Husky

Pomeranian is Spitz type dog breed and it is one of the most popular one in the world. Pomeranian dogs have two very thick coats of hair with a harsh coat inside and a soft coat outside. Because of this coat they look very cute and adorable. On the other hand “Husky” is a particular type where the dogs are usually extremely fast, athletic and full of energy. Like Pomeranian these dogs have two thick coats too, though these coats are not thick like a Pomeranian coat. A Pomeranian husky mix is a hybrid of these two types which is popularly called Pomsky dogs.



As a hybrid carries traits of both of its breeds, a Pomsky dog is no different. Like a normal Pomeranian dog it is very cute and can be a nice companion. On the other side, it inherits the intelligence of a Husky dog. Along with that it is pretty fast and energetic which is another Husky dog characteristic. The look of these dogs is similar with both the Pomeranian breed and Husky dogs in certain ways. Like a Pomeranian the hybrids are usually small when it comes to their size but considering the coats, coloring and overall look they look more like Husky dogs.

One thing people should know that all the hybrids don’t really look the same. The overall looks and characteristics usually depend on the parent breeds. The hybrids might have some different characteristics like a Pomsky dog can have a fluffier coat like its Pomeranian parent but another Pomsky can have a smoother coat like the Husky parent. After all hybrids are scientific experiments so results can be varied in different cases.

Overall, it can be easily said that for those who are looking for a unique kind of dog as their pet a Pomeranian husky mix can be a pretty good choice. It will certainly fill the space of an adorable and intelligent companion.

Pomeranian and Husky both two on video.

Pomeranian Information – Pomsky Breeders

Having a pet can be bothering at times due to the aspects regarding taking care. But if the pet is one like a Pomeranian, the cuteness and the lovable nature of the pet makes you interested to take care of your pet. In fact, the popularity of this breed of dog has become widespread among many countries in the world. Especially in the UK and the top American cities, the Pomeranians often top the list of popularity when it comes to the pets. How about having a Pomeranian at your place? Having adequate knowledge regarding the breed race can be helpful before having one.

pomeranian full grown

One of the difficulties that you are to face is to understand whether it is a Pomeranian or not. Contacting the Pomsky breeders in this case can be quite useful. The breeders can also provide you with further information regarding the characteristics, fondness, habits, and how you can take care of your lovable Pomeranian. These are the professionals or the researchers, who are into successful breeding of the Pomeranian, which is of the dog race called Spitz. The breed name has come from its place of origin, which is named as Pomerania of Central Europe, a part of eastern Germany and northern Poland. The country of origin of this breed is said to be Germany.

Fun-loving Small Dog Breeds

pomeranian puppies

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A Pomeranian, categorized under toy dog breed due to its small size, weighs between 1.9 to 3.5 kg. It has sturdy and compact body, which is covered with a textured coat that is abundant. The tail is highly plumed, and set flat and high. The breed comes in various colors, with cream, white, black and orange being the most favorites among the Pomsky breeders. Matching with its look, a Pomeranian is friendly, lively and playful.

The Pomeranians are well known for the ability to create quick bonding with the owner, and are highly protective regarding them. Also, they have the tendency to suffer from grief if separated from their respective owners, and love being around them. The breed is known to be highly aware and nervous regarding the environment and tend to bark continuously at any new stimuli. A Pomeranian can easily be trained, and are praised for their intelligent. In case not trained, it can turn out to be dominant and aggressive. Its extrovert nature is well noticeable, as it loves being at the center stage of attraction.

Cuteness of Pomeranian Puppy Video

Pomsky Breeder

You can expect a Pomeranian to live for 12 to 16 years. Given that you’re contacted Pomsky breeder is well experienced and trained in the job, your Pomeranian can be a stubborn dog with good diet. At the same time, training the dog is a basic requirement to keep good natured and loyal to you. To be more specific, routine care of your Pomeranian can avoid all the problems regarding its nature issues. Being attentive to its grooming, and cleaning of teeth, eyes and ear can be quite useful. The dog feeds mainly on the dry food types. The dog is quite motivational to take regular care, and can bring a lot of joy to your household environment.


Siberian Husky Dog and Puppy – Pomsky Breeders

Siberian husky is breeders of Pomsky. If the buy a Pomsky puppy is difficult, you may have breeder for Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian). You may bring it to breeding with crossbreed.

But this post not mention about how to breeding for Pomsky. So, this post will mention for information of Siberian husky, the breeder of Pomsky. Can using this information for helper to breeding.

Short history of Siberian husky

Siberian habitats in Russia (Siberia) and is working dogs. It is a dog that strong and fluent. But it is not a guard dog, because it is no instinct in precautions (confirmed by Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain). It is a family dog, has character and friendly with people easily. More history of Siberian Husky.

Get to know a Siberian husky Before Raised

siberian husky fullgrown

Fun-loving Dog

Siberian husky is dog intelligence; movements are active and have more powerful. It takes a nap for 3-4 hours, and sleep at night for 10 hours. The rest are playing time for fun. Owner should have areas for its activities, may be chasing, jumping for carry an item or playing with toys. If owner tried, may use a bicycle for helper. The activity will help for reduces energy of Siberian husky, relieve boredom, and is protecting belongings in your home not to be a snack to solve boredom of husky. If a Siberian husky bored. It will dig your backyard, until the fulltime with holes, worse; it may have run away from home to play alone.

So, that it is a fun-loving dog, because Siberian husky is a love independent dog. Husky is not a dog that obedient of owner always. It is a love independent dog with ideas of their own. So, how to live with the Siberian husky is not practice boss with the jackal. But it requires attachment and friendship between friends. Husky is a dog takes time and effort in training rather. But can the incentives in training with the desserts, snacks, and praise or time activities. It would make it learn faster.

Play Area in The Home for Siberian Husky

Siberian husky raiser must have a fairly wide area of the home; the fence is strong and entirely, to prevent it, going to sneak away out. Husky is a love clean dog. Problems encountered from raising husky in the home, may be shedding only. But if you are want to raise the Siberian husky outdoors. Best way, should not be planted in the lawn. Because your flowers are might become to plaything of Husky “The digging dog”.

Activities outside the home of Husky

Siberian husky is a wakefulness dog at all time. When you take it out of the home, it should be in the leashes, and release to freedom in areas that are gated only, to prevent the accidents.

Breeding of Siberian husky

Breeding of Husky should do when females are at least 18 months year-old, and should be breeding of 9 days after estrous (from the first day of estrus). However, if you are not sure that your dog is ready to breeding or not? You can bring it to check with the veterinarian. If you want to bring a dog to breeding, should take care eating of a dog well, feeding in full, but should not to overeat until become obese in a dog. Because it is makes breeding less success.

Pregnancy & Birth in Siberian husky Dogs, and Weaning of Puppies

cute siberian husky puppy

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Signs of estrus in female dogs: generally, it will be symptoms of estrus 2 times per year (every 6 months), and duration of estrus approximately 18 days.

Siberian husky pregnancy: generally, Siberian husky dog is long pregnant for approximately 58-65 days. When husky is pregnant, need to special care, it should not caper. Even the shower must careful. Because of the sudden change in body temperature, may cause of miscarry, and, should provide the quality food and right amount.

The birth of the Siberian husky: Husky will have an indication before birth about 2 days, such as not eating and anxious symptoms. In most cases a Siberian husky is able to give birth themselves. If you are not sure, it should be nearby.

The birth of Husky also detailed another. You can consult a vet about this. And we will write about this more in the future.

Weaning of Siberian husky puppies: Siberian husky puppies will be open eyes to fully at the age of 7-10 days. Then it began to crawling to the mother dog itself by instincts. In the meantime, you may be feeding a different type of milk supplements. To trains a puppy to drink milk from a cup. And then one month, let mix the meat or dog food for puppies. Increase it piecemeal, along with reducing the amount of milk, until the puppy can eat food without milk. To provide food for the puppy should be four meals a day, until the dog is fully grown, thus gradually reducing the hands-down.