Pomsky Puppies – Love at First Sight

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Pomsky Puppies

A Pomsky lover surely believes on the saying, (read about more pomsky and see pomsky images) “love at first sight” because this type of breed of puppy is the cutest of its kind. You might wonder what a Pomsky is or having thoughts that it is just a name given to a pet. NOPE.It is a type of breed of dogs that is a combination of a Pomeranian and Husky. Pomeranian dog are small in size and has a very furry coat. This dog based on history is a popular dog most loved by the royals. Queen Victoria is the most famous Pomeranian royal breeder who had once got a red Pomeranian puppy and innovated the breed into variation of colors and sizes. Huskies on the other hand originated in Siberia that is why it is being called Siberian Husky because of where its name came from. Huskies are the type of dog that we usually see on the movies because of their eye catching looks. No wonder!

They are like toys that we see on the toy stand because of its cuddly and adorable nature. It is a rare dog that we don’t usually see on pet stores since the designation of its breed is not available everywhere. Pomsky are best present to your kids because they have the ability to be playful and friendly. They don’t grow much and they are smart and loyal dogs that everyone would like to have. Designed to be a lap dog because of its cute size, Pomskies are the most beautiful dog not only because of its great appearance but it is also a good natured animal and a loyal pet. Their behavioural aspect can be compared to a young child being playful and bubbly. It can even be a good substitute for a kid to those who are not planning to have a child yet.

Pomskies’ health and grooming must also be considered and they deserve to be loved and cared for (Pros and cons about pomsky). The happiness and cuteness of this little fur ball must be replaced by giving them a good bed where they can rest and proper nutrition since they are active dogs that always room around and plays a lot. Don’t be deceived by their adorable looks and entertaining size because although they are the friendliest but they can also be docile. Because of their fox head and long coat like feature they are very attractive and appealing to the eyes.

Pomsky does not even have a wild side or temperamental but they have the tendency to wander too much. They are the nicest dog specie on earth and they also like to participate in games and fun activities. The increasing popularity of this breed has become known to all parts of the world and they were being adored during pet shows. They are perceived as the modern competitor of Chihuahua but they are totally much different in terms of appearance and behaviour. It is truly a typical hybrid dog that offers a lot of incentives so you may have to get one for your home now.

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Find the Love of Your Life with Pomsky Puppies for Sale

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When you see Pomsky puppies for sale, you can be assured you will find a puppy that will become the love of your life. A Pomsky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Husky. They have to best of both breeds in one. Lovers of the breed will tell you there is not a more loving or beautiful breed to be found.

These puppies are small and always look puppy-like. Who doesn’t love a puppy. They will always stay small, so they are the perfect pet for apartment dwellers. Their coats are white, brown, and black, and they all have the blue eyes of their husky breeding.


Where Can You Find Pomsky Puppies for Sale

There are a number of places to find Pomsky puppies for sale. There are different benefits for each of the different places to buy your Pomsky puppy. The places to find Pomsky puppies for sale include the following:

  • Pet shops
  • Private breeders
  • Friends or acquaintances
  • Online markets

Each of the above places to get your puppy has its own benefits and precautions. If you are aware of these precautions and buy carefully, you will have a more satisfying experience.

Pet shops are generally a good place to get a puppy. They are usually screened for health and genetic problems. Some pet shops, however, buy their stock of puppies from “puppy mills” which are breeders who over-breed their dogs and are not always careful about health standards.

Private breeders are probably the best for getting quality puppies. Not all are the same, however, so it is important to check them out thoroughly. Be sure to check the pedigrees of their puppies before selecting one. The cost is usually a little higher with private breeders, but the quality of the puppy is worth the extra cost.

Friends or acquaintances who breed their dog is often a good source from which to buy your puppy. You will be able to see the parents, or at least the mother, to verify the appearance and temperament. You may also get a better deal because often they are willing to take less to be sure their puppies get a good home.

You can also find Pomsky puppies for sale at online sites. These are good sources to find bargains. It is important to check the reputation of the person you are dealing with. In addition, be very clear on guarantees, return policies, and assurance of live delivery and a healthy puppy. It is possible to order a puppy and receive it within a day or so.

Pomskies have a lively personality, a proud stance, and are quick to learn. They are very cooperative and have the loyalty and sweet nature of the husky. They also have the long, thick, silky coat and blue eyes that are typical of the husky. If you love the husky but can’t handle the size, find Pomsky puppies for sale and find just what you need.

For a cute and loving companion, you can’t beat the Pomsky puppy. That beautiful, appealing ball of fur that is typical of most all puppies is always there with the Pomsky. They stay small and keep that puppy look that is so appealing to puppy lovers.

Top 3 Pomsky Training Tips for Your New Pomsky Puppy

If you are interested in getting your own Pomsky puppy or perhaps you have already brought one home, you may be curious to find out more about the most effective approach to Pomsky training. After all, starting the first day your Pomsky puppy arrived at his new home, the training will automatically begin.

Whether you give your new dog too much freedom or restrictions, it is already training him to form a habit to a certain type of behavior. So it is important to start things right, because it will always be more challenging to make your Pomsky puppy unlearn and teach him something different later on.

As you may already know Pomsky is a mixed breed – a cross between the Husky and the Pomeranian. So the Pomsky has inherited the major characteristics from these two main breeds, making him quite smart and also strong-willed at times. Since Pomsky certainly is not one of the most obedient dog breeds, you can expect the Pomsky to be a somewhat challenging process. But following the helpful training tips before, you can save time and notice long lasting effective results with your Pomsky puppy.


Top Training Tips for Your New Pomsky Puppy


1. Reward-Motivated Training Works Better than Forced Training

As mentioned earlier, the Pomsky is not the most obedient breed. Therefore if you try forcing some type of behavior or implement frequent punishment, it will very likely awaken the stubborn side of your dog – and when it comes to the Pomsky, this is something you should certainly avoid for a faster house training success.

So follow a smarter approach and provide a reward for his good behavior. Never yell at your Pomsky puppy as they are very sensitive dogs and will remember it for a long time – making them feel distant from your as their owner. The Pomsky has a mind of its own, leading him to want to do things his way. So in order to motivate him to follow your lead, you first need to show enough reward and benefits to him, encouraging to wanting take a certain action.

2. Provide Short and Fun Training Sessions

Pomsky puppies hate to be forced to do something against their will, and that includes a long tiring Pomsky training session. So keep your house training sessions short and with plenty of fun and happy activities for your dog. So not only he will enjoy following your lead and being rewarded, but also the training session will be interesting enough that he will welcome it with open arms the next time. If you try to teach him too many things in one day, he will get bored and may start acting stubborn and resentful.

3. Avoid Training for Pomsky If You are Tired or in a Bad Mood

It is natural that sometimes you may feel tired or stressed because of work or another problem. If that is the case, simply postpone the Pomsky training session to another time when you are in a better mood. Because your puppy can not tell the difference between, you being angry at him, or simply stressed about something else. So he will very likely take it personally and your stressful mood will reflect on the training results as well.