Pomeranian Husky Mix


A unique hybrid dog

Dogs are probably the most popular pets in all over the world. They are extremely faithful towards their master. Once a dog is bonded with someone then that bond stays forever. That is why many people love to keep a dog as a pet inside their house. Sometimes a dog can be as good as a friend or a companion to lonely people. There are various kinds of dog breeds can be found around the world. Some of the popular breeds are Shepherd dog, guardian dog, hunting dog, working dog and companion dog. Needless to say, the pet dogs are mostly belonged to the companion category. Now talking about pet dogs many people has a fascination with the style and type of their dogs. With everyone having their own favorites, some breeds are pretty popular. But one unconventional thing which is pretty popular among many people is the hybrid dogs. A hybrid is a combination of two different dog breeds merge into one. Naturally a hybrid looks pretty different than a usual dog breed and has characteristics of both of its original breeds. Among all the hybrid dogs Pomeranian husky mix is one of the most popular one.

Siberian husky full grown
Siberian Husky

Pomeranian is Spitz type dog breed and it is one of the most popular one in the world. Pomeranian dogs have two very thick coats of hair with a harsh coat inside and a soft coat outside. Because of this coat they look very cute and adorable. On the other hand “Husky” is a particular type where the dogs are usually extremely fast, athletic and full of energy. Like Pomeranian these dogs have two thick coats too, though these coats are not thick like a Pomeranian coat. A Pomeranian husky mix is a hybrid of these two types which is popularly called Pomsky dogs.


As a hybrid carries traits of both of its breeds, a Pomsky dog is no different. Like a normal Pomeranian dog it is very cute and can be a nice companion. On the other side, it inherits the intelligence of a Husky dog. Along with that it is pretty fast and energetic which is another Husky dog characteristic. The look of these dogs is similar with both the Pomeranian breed and Husky dogs in certain ways. Like a Pomeranian the hybrids are usually small when it comes to their size but considering the coats, coloring and overall look they look more like Husky dogs.

One thing people should know that all the hybrids don’t really look the same. The overall looks and characteristics usually depend on the parent breeds. The hybrids might have some different characteristics like a Pomsky dog can have a fluffier coat like its Pomeranian parent but another Pomsky can have a smoother coat like the Husky parent. After all hybrids are scientific experiments so results can be varied in different cases.

Overall, it can be easily said that for those who are looking for a unique kind of dog as their pet a Pomeranian husky mix can be a pretty good choice. It will certainly fill the space of an adorable and intelligent companion.

Pomeranian and Husky both two on video.

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