Pomsky Puppies: Rare and One of a Kind

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If you are thinking of a beautiful present you can give to your child on his birthday or for doing a job well done we want to recommend giving him a Pomsky Puppies. It is a dog breed but not totally purebred. They are combinations of a Pomeranian and Husky dog. They are small but very handsome and loyal to its owners. If you want cute little puppies to be with you at home you’ll surely love them because they are adorable and very playful pets that your children will enjoy. They are not the typical huge dog they only grow on a limited size depending of the variation of their parents.

Pomsky Puppies is not a high maintenance dog but their furs should be well taken care of. If you are a pet lover and happen to have this kind of dog breed you will realize how intelligent and loving dogs they are. Even if they are not fully big in size they have this one of a kind effect to its owner. Their eyes are irresistible and their amazing cuteness will be the highlight of their feature. If you want to build a kid-dog relationship among your children you may start looking for a Pomsky. Surely, they will soon find a best friend they can sleep with every night.

They are also called tea cup puppies because they grow as small as the size of a tea cup. If you want to cross breed this dog look for a healthier and bigger mother because whatever their size will become will depend on where they came from (read more for Pomeranian Husky mix). Another consideration is that, they are hybrid dogs so you may have a difficult time looking for this type of breed because they are hard to find. Once you are able to buy one for yourself make sure that you take responsibility of their well being. They are behavioural dogs but they can also become nice and friendly most of the time.

After the existence of their breed most breeders compared Pomsky to Chihuahua but best thing about it is that they look much better than the latter. Aside from it furry physique and lovely appearance they are the dogs that can ease your stress because they are very playful dogs. They want to be pampered and they like to roam around. It is one of the suggested dogs to be domesticated because of their very friendly nature. Thus, it can be a nice treat for your kid who is a pet lover. Try bringing one home and surely the family will get multiplied because they are fun loving dogs that you will definitely love.

Having a Pomsky puppy is like having a rare treasure because the fun they bought to the house can be compared to having a first born child that everyone loves. Try grooming Pomsky and you will surely fall in love with it. This modern day Chihuahua as other breeders say is a must have. Their endearing character and sweet loving attitude can add more fun to those who already have them.

14 responses on “Pomsky Puppies: Rare and One of a Kind

  1. Jake Goicoechea

    I would be interested in learning more about purchasing a Pomsky puppy. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Thanks, Jake.

  2. Angel Song

    Hello my husband and I have been searching for the perfect dog to add to our household. I stumbled across a pomsky and I fell in love. I used to have a husky and I’ve always wanted a Pom but my husband said no until he saw a pomsky too. He fell in love. Lol we are very interested to have one. But I would love two but my hubby said no lol. We all work from home so the dog will never be home alone unless we are out grocery shopping etc. please get back with me about purchasing a puppy one. Thank you.


  3. Monica Mott

    Im interested in buying a Pomsky puppy if you could let me know a good place to find on that would be great! Thank you, Monica.

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